Welcome to StraightForward Income!

Hello and Welcome to Straightforward Income!

This blog is here to help both myself and others achieve something that is called passive income.  Passive income is a merely a vehicle of transportation for something much more important though.  Time freedom to achieve life goals, whether that is spending time with family and friends or traveling to an exotic country.  We all have aspirations for our futures and working a 9-5 job is probably not something everyone wishes they had to do for the next 40 years of their lives.  Hence the need for passive income.

The next question we need to answer is: What is Passive Income?

Passive income at its simplest form is income that you receive for work you’ve performed in the past.  A good example of passive income is the money an author receives every time one of their books is sold.  The work of writing the book has already been completed and the author is now working on several new books but they are still receiving income from the sales of the completed book.  Another example is a landlord receiving rent from a rental property he’s owned for years.  The landlord owns the property and may have someone that checks up on the property to ensure its in working order, but other than that, he or she simply collects their rental income and doesn’t have to trade very little time for the amount of income he receives.


This also brings up another important fact that I loved and read about in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Passive income frees an individual from the race of trading time for money.  If you are an employee, whether it be salary or hourly, you are valuing your time, typically an hour, for a certain amount of money.  Passive income means providing the upfront time to create the product or service you are selling but afterwards takes up no more of your time besides perhaps minimal upkeep.


I mentioned earlier that none of us really ever aspired to work a 9 to 5 job because it took up so much of our time that we become what are called “weekend warriors”.  The term “weekend warriors” describes the individuals that seem to break their back during the week and just seem to live from Friday night to Sunday night.  And this isn’t really a life that I enjoy. Which is why I, Zachery Heinl, have started this blog to help myself and other find their straightforward way (see what I did there…) to obtaining passive income.


I look forward to this journey as I move towards learning about passive income and hope you join me in this journey too!



Zachery Heinl

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